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26 December 2017
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26 December 2017
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3D printers: health hazards due to ultrafine particle emissions

Particules fines impressions 3D

The Illinois Institute of Technology and a Parisian school of engineering published a study on the harmful effects of ultrafine particle emissions in Environmental Science & Technology.

After observing that objects made with 3D printers using molten plastic and liquid resin increased the mortality of zebra fish at an alarming rate (parts made with liquid materials being the most toxic), scientists now recommend use of enclosures and filters to restrict the dissemination of harmful compounds in the air. We had suspected that molten plastic was not very ecological. And this study corroborates our measures to protect the environment and the health of users of 3D printers. Just another reason to buy our protective cover for Ultimaker and Zortrax 3D printers, especially when they are used in an office environment.

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