Particules fines impressions 3D
3D printers: health hazards due to ultrafine particle emissions
26 December 2017
Accante at the Las Vegas CES
27 December 2017
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Safe solutions for 3D printers. We’ve made the news!

A safety kit for 3D printer conquers USA

Two French techies, Stéphane Watré and François Damay have developed an Ultimaker and Zortrax compatible printer cover: This Perspex cover clips easily onto your 3D printer. It contains a fan and ultrafine particle filter, and screens out both noise and harmful particles while also preventing warping, i.e. deformation of the part due to thermal shock. This innovation is now to be found on all the on-line professional sites selling 3D printers and 200 covers have just been shipped to the USA.


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