26 December 2017

Safe solutions for 3D printers. We’ve made the news!

A safety kit for 3D printer conquers USA Two French techies, Stéphane Watré and François Damay have developed an Ultimaker and Zortrax compatible printer cover: This Perspex cover clips easily onto your 3D printer. It contains a fan and ultrafine particle filter, and screens out both noise and harmful particles […]
26 December 2017
Particules fines impressions 3D

3D printers: health hazards due to ultrafine particle emissions

The Illinois Institute of Technology and a Parisian school of engineering published a study on the harmful effects of ultrafine particle emissions in Environmental Science & Technology. After observing that objects made with 3D printers using molten plastic and liquid resin increased the mortality of zebra fish at an alarming […]
26 December 2017
Effet arping

How to avoid warping in your 3D models

Users of 3D printers are all too familiar with the problem of warping or delamination of the printed model, which is mainly due to the increase in temperature inside the printer enclosure. While 3D printing software enables many settings to be made, Accante offers an effective solution with its safety […]
26 December 2017

We presented our company to the other companies at Créamanche

On Friday 16 December 2016, François and I were invited to present what we do to all the companies working at Créamanche. It was a key moment for us and we would like to thank all those who took time to learn about Accante’s work, with a special mention for […]